Writing a CAIB Exam Outside Metro Vancouver



If you live outside Metro Vancouver, your CAIB exam must occur on a weekday (Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays) between 9:00 AM and 4:30 PM.

Payments for online exams are not transferable to paper exams, and vice versa.

Biohazard SignCOVID-19 NOTICE: The IBABC education department urges all CAIB examinees who have recently been in an area with ongoing spread of COVID-19 or have any symptoms of the disease – fever, cough, shortness of breath – to delay or defer their exam sittings to a later date. If you’re currently registered for an exam sitting and fall under this request, please contact Susan Coles () to arrange for a one-time exam deferral at no charge.
If you’re attending an exam sitting at the IBABC office, please be assured that we’re undertaking precautions to help keep you and our staff safe from the spread of the corona virus. This includes disinfecting our exam room surfaces and computer keyboards after every exam sitting. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact our office.


The fee for a first-time online CAIB exam is $395, including GST.

The fee for an online CAIB exam rewrite is $195, including GST.

To register for an online CAIB exam, please do the following two steps:

Step 1 – Book Your Exam Location

Book a date and time for your online CAIB exam at any college or university exam-centre near you. The following are some popular locations to help you:

If none of these locations work for you, please contact for recommendations.

Warning! You are responsible for booking your own exam location and for any fees the location charges for your exam sitting. Be sure to direct your questions about availability, cost and testing processes to the proctor at that location.

Warning! When you book your exam sitting, be sure to tell the proctor at that location that you are booking an online-exam sitting.

Ask the proctor at your chosen location to download and complete the CAIB Exam Proctor Nomination & Policy Form. S/he should send it to us for approval by regular mail, courier, or as an email attachment (scanned PDF) at least three (3) business days before your chosen exam date. Our contact information is shown on the form.

Warning! Proctor Nomination Forms are only processed when we've been given at least three business days’ notice.

The three days’ notice gives us time to receive the form, verify your proctor's information, approve or disapprove him/her, notify the online-exam provider (Captus Press), and email your proctor a special proctor code.

Warning! A proctor code will only be sent to a valid business-email address that contains the proctor’s first name or initial, last name and the name of his/her place of employment. No Gmail or Hotmail addresses, please.

Step 2 – Register for Your Online Exam

Register for your online exam at the Online Registration Site (provided by Captus Press) at least three (3) business days before your chosen exam date.

Warning! Do NOT phone us to book your online exam. No exam times are booked, changed or discussed over the phone. No exceptions.

Warning! If you've previously written the CAIB exam that you’re currently registering for, select the “Rewrite” option. If you’re taking a rewrite exam but register for a regular exam, we will reject your registration.

Warning! If you pay for the online CAIB exam by cheque, it must be made payable to ‘Captus Press Inc.’ and mailed directly to the following address:

Captus Press Inc.
Units 14 & 15
1600 Steeles Ave West
Concord, Ontario L4K 4M2

Cheques sent to IBABC for the online CAIB exam will be returned to sender.

Once you're approved and you receive email confirmation that your payment has been processed, your exam date and time will be activated.

You'll then receive an examination candidate code by email. You must take this code to the exam location to be able to login and write it.

Warning! Your exam application will NOT be approved until both Steps 1 and 2, above, are properly completed. Due to high processing volumes, IBABC is NOT responsible for improper registrations and will NOT notify you about any registration errors or correct them for you. If you send us an incomplete or incorrect form it will be rejected, and you will be expected to re-submit the form with full and proper information. You MUST submit the Proctor Nomination Form and register for the exam online at least three (3) business days' before your chosen exam date and time. No exceptions!

Warning! You have one (1) year from the date you register to take the exam. Exam payments are only valid for one (1) year and are non-refundable past six (6) months from purchase. If more than a year passes and you still want to write the exam, you must pay another $195.



  • Bring your candidate code and government-issued photo ID (valid driver’s licence, passport, citizenship card); your photo ID must be written in English so the proctor can confirm your identity
  • Be on time and respect IBABC’s rules and the exam location’s rules and policies.
  • Do NOT take family or friends with you.
  • Cheating on an exam isn’t worth it! If you sneak written reference materials or a mobile device into the exam room, access the internet (other than for the online exam), talk to another examinee or look at someone else’s exam, you’ll be immediately disqualified from the exam, barred from writing any exam for one (1) year, and have your actions reported to the Insurance Council of B.C. Council may sanction you up to and including suspension or cancellation of your insurance licence.

Warning! If you don’t show up for your exam and haven’t rescheduled or cancelled it before 4:30 p.m. on the exam day, you’ll lose the entire exam fee. If you still want to write the exam after that, you must pay a re-write fee of $195.


If you live outside Metro Vancouver and want to defer (reschedule) or cancel an online-exam booking…

Warning! You can defer or cancel your exam booking right up to the day of the exam, but to avoid paying us a $75 fee you must defer or cancel at least seven (7) days before the exam date.   

To defer your online-exam booking when it’s more than seven (7) days away

  • Contact the exam location (post-secondary or government institution) you booked and tell them you want to change your exam sitting.
  • Download and print the CAIB Exam Proctor Nomination & Policy Form.
  • Indicate the new exam date and time on the form. If you don’t yet know the date you want to defer it to, indicate 'To Be Announced' on the form.
  • Send the completed form (scanned PDF) to .

To cancel your online-exam booking when it’s more than seven (7) days away

  • Contact the exam location (post-secondary or government institution) you booked and tell them you want to cancel your exam sitting.
  • Send an email message to to say you’re cancelling your exam. (You’ll receive a full refund of the exam fee.)

To defer your online-exam booking when it’s seven (7) days away or less

  • Contact the exam location (post-secondary or government institution) you booked and tell them you want to change your exam sitting.
  • Download and print the CAIB Exam Proctor Nomination & Policy Form.
  • Indicate the new exam date and time on the form. If you don’t yet know the date you want to defer it to, indicate 'To Be Announced' on the form.
  • Send the completed form with your $75 deferral-fee payment via email (scanned PDF) to .

To cancel your online-exam booking when it’s seven (7) days away or less

  • Contact the exam location (post-secondary or government institution) you booked and tell them you want to cancel your exam sitting.
  • Send an email message to to say you’re cancelling your online exam. (You’ll receive a refund, less $75.)

Warning! Do NOT phone us to defer or cancel your online exam. We don’t book, change or discuss online exams over the phone. No exceptions.


Warning! An exam deferral or cancellation received later than 4:30 p.m. on the date the exam is scheduled for is treated as an expired registration. If you still want to write the exam after that, you must pay a re-write fee of $195.


Getting Your Online CAIB Exam Mark

When you write an online CAIB exam, your mark will be emailed directly to you about ten (10) business days after you write the exam.

Warning! Do NOT phone us to get your exam mark. Due to high call volumes, exam marks are NOT given out over the phone. 

All CAIB exams with marks between 55% and 59% are automatically remarked, free of charge, to ensure the accuracy of the result. This re-marking is done before marks are provided.

Warning! After you’ve written a CAIB exam, your mark is all that will be provided to you. You will NOT be given a copy of your marked exam or an opportunity to discuss your exam answers with anyone. 



Do you have questions about CAIB that aren’t answered above? Contact Susan Coles at or 604-606-8004.

Warning! The information provided on this web page is subject to change without notice.



Job Board FAQ

I’m a Job Seeker looking for a job

I’m not a member of IBABC. Can I still use the job board?

Yes; anyone who’s seeking a job in the P&C insurance industry in B.C. can create a profile (visible to member brokers looking to hire) and view current job postings (posted by member brokers looking to hire) on the job board. You have the option of either creating a profile which potential employers can see and applying for jobs directly through the job board, or simply looking at posted jobs anonymously. 

How do I login/create a profile?

  • Go to the Job Board landing page.
  • Click on the link that says “Don’t have an account, click here to apply.” 
  • You will be prompted to fill out a form with your name, your email, and a username and a password.
  • You will receive an email letting you know that your job board account is pending. To complete the registration process, click on the link in the email and it will send you back to the job board where you will be prompted to complete your full profile. This profile will include details like your contact information, education, work history and salary expectations. You will also be able to upload a copy of your resume and a cover letter.
  • Once you’ve completed your profile you’ll be able to search and apply for jobs. Please note: if you don’t see the “Apply here” button at the top of job listing it is because you haven’t properly logged in and completed your profile. Please close your browser and go back to your confirmation email, follow the link and complete your profile. After your profile has been successfully completed you will be able to see the “Apply” button.

I’ve logged in. How do I apply for jobs?

Once you’ve completed your profile you’ll be able to search and apply for jobs. Each job posting you click on will have a gray button that says “Apply.” Please note: if you don’t see the “Apply” button at the top of job listing it is because you haven’t properly logged in and completed your profile. Please close your browser and go back to your confirmation email, follow the link and complete your profile. After your profile has been successfully completed you will be able to see the “Apply” button.

What does the “Save a Job” button do?

When you are browsing for jobs clicking the “Save a Job” button (located at the top of a job posting) will let you save that job on your “My Saved / Applied Jobs”. This helps keep track of what jobs you have viewed and which jobs you have applied for.

I’m still employed and looking for a new job. Will my currently employer be able to see my profile?

If your employer has a job board account and is currently looking for new hires, it’s possible that she/he will see your profile. You can simply look at job postings anonymously without creating a profile, but if you want to apply for a job directly through the job board you will need to create a profile.


I’m an Employer looking to hire

I don’t have an account how do I access the job board?

  • The first step is to elect a Super Admin as manager of the job board. The Super Admin will be the person in your company who oversees most of the hiring procedures (usually this is the owner, manager, HR specialist or administrative staff.) Have the Super Admin complete this form either by signing off on it themselves or having the manager or owner sign off on it.
  • Forward the completed Admin form to IBABC by fax (604-683-8497) or by email.
  • Once your authorization form has been received, the Super Admin will get a confirmation email letting them know they can login.

I used to have a job board account, but now my login and password no longer work!

The new job board is based on a tiered access system.  One person (the Super Admin) per company has total administrative access of that company’s job board account. Once the Super Admin has been authorized he/she will be given a new login that is different from their old job board account. 

If you are already set up as a Super Admin and need a login/password reminder, click here.

How do I make my job postings inactive without deleting them?

  • Go to your Dashboard
  • Go to “My job listings”
  • Find the job you would like to make inactive and click the “edit” button (it’s the small pencil icon to the far right)
  • On the editing page you can then toggle your job postings Active: no/yes.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page to “save” the change
  • Please note: When you are ready to repost the job you may need to reset the “publish dates.” This can be done in the “my job listings” page.

How do I change my password?

  • Login with your old password
  • Click on “Edit profile”
  • Click on “Update your profile”
  • Type your new password into the password field and click “Update”.

How can I change my brokerage’s name or address?

Please contact IBABC to update your brokerage details.

The address for my brokerage is correct, but the location on the map is wrong.

Please contact IBABC if the map coordinates do not match your brokerage’s address.

I’m a Super Admin. How to I give my colleagues Admin access?

If you’re logged in as a Super Admin you will see on your dashboard a button that says “Add an employer” this will let you add an employee from any branch in your company and give them Employer or Admin status. Click here for definitions of the term: “Super Admin”, “Admin” and Employer.” 

 What’s the difference between a Super Admin, an Admin and an Employer?

Super Admin:This user has the top-level control of the account for the brokerage corporate entity. She/he will be able to view and control the usage and access of the entire brokerage account, and can add, delete or modify the accounts of any Admins or Employers who work at any of the entity’s IBABC-member locations, including the head office, branch offices and affiliate offices, as applicable. Super Admins can manage job postings. IBABC will work with the Super Admins for the initial account set-up. Typically Super Admins will be a brokerage principal, or a designated manager or HR personnel who has authorization from the principal.

Admin: These users can manage job postings for their own branch. They have the authorization to view resumes, post/edit and delete job postings. In a typical multi-branch brokerage, the branch manager or office manager would have Admin status.

Employer: The Employer level is the most basic level of access. By default Super Admins and Admins are Employers that have administrative privileges. Employers can login to search the profiles and résumés posted by Job Seekers. They post jobs at their own location only. 

Quick reference of the duties and responsibilities for the three tiers of access Super Admin Admin Employer
Can login and view applicants
Can post/edit/delete jobs at their brokerage
Can post/edit/delete jobs as any employer at his/her brokerage  
Can post/edit/delete jobs as an employer at any brokerage in their corporate structure    
Can elect other colleagues to “Admin” status    
Can reduce authorization of an “Admin: to “Employer” status    

I’m looking at my posting and I don’t see any contact information. How does a Job Seeker contact me?

When a Job Seeker is logged in and clicks on a job posting they will see a grey “Apply” button at the top of each posting. Clicking on this button will send you, the Employer, an email alerting you that this Job Seeker is interested in your job. You can then login to your dashboard, click on “My job applicants” where you can see the applicant full profile including work history and contact information. You can then contact this applicant for an interview.

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Terms and Conditions

Description of the Service

The Job Board is an on-line classified advertising service administered by IBABC where job seekers may advertise their availability and apply for jobs and employers who are members of the Insurance Brokers Association of B.C. may advertise job postings and search for and contact job seekers. Only authorized members of IBABC have permission to access the job board for the purposes of contacting job seekers and to advertise job postings at their brokerage.

Registration and User’s Obligations

Both job seekers and employers using the Job Board agree to (a) provide true, accurate, current and complete information about themselves and (b) maintain and promptly update the user information to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. Users will be asked to set up a profile as part of the Job Board registration process. Users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their profile and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under said profile. Users agree to (a) notify IBABC immediately of any unauthorized use of their profile or any other breach of security, and (b) ensure that their account is properly exited at the end of each session. IBABC is not liable for any loss or damage arising from a user’s use or misuse of this service.

Privacy Policy

When users provide information on the Job Board, their consent is deemed to have been given for that information to be shared with other users of the Job Board. IBABC does not use techniques that collect personal information about users without their knowledge. When users browse the site, IBABC allows them to do so anonymously. IBABC considers the protection of a user’s privacy to be an important part of this service. For more information on IBABC’s Privacy Policy click here. This link will open up a new tab in your browser.  To return to this page, close the Privacy Policy tab once finished.

IBABC is not obligated to monitor, supervise or control the content of the Job Board and is not responsible for the use of the Job Board or the information disclosed on the site.  Users agree to not hold IBABC liable for the quality, safety or legality of the listings posted, the truth or accuracy of any information provided by users, or the ability of users (either job seekers or employers) to fulfill the obligations or services advertised.  IBABC does not have an obligation to control the information provided by users of the Job Board, including other job seekers and employers, which is made available through the site. IBABC cannot be held to fault in the event that material is found to be offensive, inaccurate or deceptive. Users acknowledge that risk is involved with posting personal information online and accept that risk, including all risks related to the potential disclosure of the information posted to the site.  Please use caution, professional courtesy and common sense when using the site.

 Modifications to the Service

IBABC reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Job Board without notice. Users agree that IBABC shall not be liable to users or to any third party for any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the service. IBABC makes no warranty that postings will be correctly processed or accepted or that the service will be free of technical difficulties.


IBABC reserves the right, but is under no obligation, to monitor any activity and content associated with the Job Board.  IBABC may investigate any complaints or reported violation of the Terms & Conditions and take any action that it deems appropriate, which may include, but is not limited to, issuing warnings, suspending or canceling Job Board accounts, denying access and/or removing any postings from the Job Board.

Termination of Access

Users agree that IBABC, at its sole discretion, may terminate a user’s profile and remove and discard any content within this service, for any reason, including: a change in membership status, for lack of use or in the event that IBABC believes that a user has violated or acted inconsistently with the letter or spirit of our Terms & Conditions. IBABC may also at its sole discretion and at any time discontinue providing the service, or any part thereof, without notice. IBABC may immediately deactivate or delete a user’s account and all related information and files in their account. Further, users agree that IBABC shall not be liable to you or any third-party for any termination of your access to the service.

Amendment to Terms & Conditions

Users acknowledge that IBABC may at any time modify the Terms & Conditions and any service features, benefits or rules by posting the amended terms on even though changes may affect the user.  All amended terms shall be effective upon being posted on this site. The last revised date of the Terms & Conditions can be found at the bottom of this document.

Limitation of Liability

IBABC shall not be liable for any damages inflicted on the user in relation to the Job Board and all related services, however derived, including, but not limited to the following:

  • those arising from these Terms & Conditions,
  • the use or the inability to use the Job Board,
  • the failure of the system to process or accept a listing, or
  •  IBABC’s modification or discontinuance of the service.

Report Violations

Please report any violations of the Terms & Conditions to Marina Turchina:


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