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Vice President, Insurance Operations

Job Summary
  • Brokerage Name:
    All West Insurance Services Ltd.
  • Approximate Salary: Negotiable
  • Region: Lower Mainland
  • Location: 315-1681 Chestnut Street, Vancouver, BC
  • Country:
  • Category: Other
    Personal and Commercial Lines
  • Position Type: Full-Time
  • Experience Level:
  • Education Level: Level Two Licensee
  • Advertised: 10-01-2018
  • Closing Date: 25-01-2018
  • Job ID: 4421
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Reporting to the COO and working closely with the CEO and members of the Management Committee of the Board, the new Vice President, Insurance Operations will be responsible for executing the business development strategy


The Vice President, Insurance Operations will report to the COO and work closely with the CEO and members of the Management Committee of the Board and have full responsibility for growing the P&C side of the business including, but not limited to, the following:

  •  Conducting the company’s activities in accordance with a defined B2C digital and non-digital strategy.
  •  Meeting or exceeding the financial plan and budget for the company.
  •  Recruiting and developing human resource talent such that the company is constantly building the foundation for continued and profitable growth.

The new Vice President, Insurance Operations will be responsible for executing strategy, business plans and internal activities. While the COO and CEO will continue to focus on customer relationships and the further growth of the business, the Vice President, Insurance Operations will work closely with the day-to-day Personal and Commercial Lines operations of the business with a keen eye towards ensuring the effective and efficient management of the business and financial profitability. The focus will be on growing the Personal and Commercial lines, customer service, policy and procedure development, human resource enhancement and best-in-class organizational leadership.

Specific Accountabilities

1 Corporate Strategic Plan: Participates as a member of the leadership team and supports the COO, CEO and the Management Committee of the Board in the development of a Strategic Plan that establishes goals, identifies key strategic issues to be addressed and sets objectives. Works to ensure that issues related to new business opportunities are fully explored and growth and financial goals are established. Reports to the COO, CEO and the Management Committee of the Board regularly on progress made, provides rationale for variances and recommended action plans to capitalize on opportunities and mitigate challenges.

2 Annual Operating Plan: In collaboration with the senior management team, formulates and recommends to the COO an annual operating plan and budget, based on the objectives and strategies identified in the corporate strategic plan. Provides, as appropriate, and at year end, a comprehensive report to the COO an analysis of progress in achieving objectives, sets out rationale for variances and recommends modifications to the Plan for the remainder of the year.

3 Organization and Management of Staff: Plays a positive, values-based leadership role within the company. Leads by example, models effective leadership, and sets the tone and tenor for a positive work climate. Develops and maintains an effective organizational structure that reflects operational needs and prescribes the responsibilities of staff as they relate to the accomplishment of the objectives established in the Annual Operating Plan.

Ensures the development of a strong, effective team that works as a cohesive unit both within and between operational units in the achievement of business objectives.

Develops and maintains an appropriate and competitive compensation program based on clear and measurable staff performance objectives.

Ensures the provision of a quality workplace and that all staff are motivated, guided, and directed to contribute their maximum to the realization of AllWest’s mission, vision, goals, and objectives.

Implements progressive policies and programs that are aligned with the company’s overall approach and that enable the organization to attract, retain, and motivate top-calibre staff. Ensures adequate staffing and delegation of major functions, management development, staff training, succession planning, and performance evaluation.

4 Business Development: Acts as a driving force behind positioning in the market. Advances brand awareness and positioning; analyzes competitive threats; and identifies the P&L product enhancements and services required to accomplish market share objectives.

Ensures the company has the marketing materials and collateral to reinforce key messages and to raise their profile with target markets.

5 Market/Customer Engagement: Develops a deep understanding of the market needs. Develops an understanding of the market segments to which the company is selling, the direction in which it is heading, and the company’s competitive advantage.

In conjunction with the COO and CEO, takes a personal role in developing and maintaining relationships with prospective and current customers to further build these relationships and the ensuing profitable business. Stays market connected.

Develops and maintains a strong customer orientation by building systems to ensure effective ongoing, open communication with key customer accounts. In conjunction with the COO and CEO, personally manages key relationships. Ensures a strong services delivery team. Enhances partner and alliance relationships.

6 Sales & Revenue Growth: Ensures the development of a sales strategy for the business that meets revenue and profitability targets. Leverages existing client relationships. Ensures the achievement of goals and objectives for sales as set out in the Corporate Strategic Plan. In conjunction with the COO and CEO, actively participates in major sales/business development opportunities and acts as a catalyst and closer as required.

7 Financial Stewardship: Together with the Vice President, Finance, leads the achievement of financial objectives including revenue, cash flow, and margins. Working with the Vice President, Finance, formulates and recommends annual operating budgets. These budgets will identify the critical issues and be supported by a business case for all major expenditures.

Submits to the COO a monthly analysis of actuals against budget, sets out rationale for variances, and recommends modifications of the plan for the remainder of the year.

8 External Partnerships: Develops a network of contacts and builds relationship with key industry influencers to ensure AllWest is kept up-to-date on industry trends, market conditions and long-term business opportunities. Acts as an ambassador with partners, suppliers and industry associations, to ensure the company’s positive and strong reputation in the industry.

9 Information Technology: Utilizes technology to streamline and enhance high volume policy business. Ensures AllWest is at the forefront of technological change in the industry.

10 Business Support and Negotiations: Provides timely and effective support to any business and commercial matters.

Leads or participates in negotiations on all projects. Provides thoughtful and market sensitive context as it relates to proposed new business opportunities.

11 Trends in the Industry: Stays current with developments in the sector in order to ensure that AllWest has the best possible information with which to address and consider emerging opportunities and issues.

Reporting Relationships

Reports to: Chief Operating Officer

Relates to: CEO and members of the Management Committee of the Board *

Oversees: 20 employees

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