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  • Brokerage Name:
  • Approximate Salary: Negotiable
  • Region: Lower Mainland
  • Country:
  • Category: Other
    Independent Insurance brokerage offices
  • Position Type: Any
  • Experience Level:
  • Education Level: Level Three Licensee
  • Advertised: 06-06-2018
  • Closing Date: 25-06-2018
  • Job ID: 3340
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Are you an owner of a independent insurance office(s) that want to remain independent ?  Are you being approached by Direct writer conglomerates to sell but don't want too ? Are you having issues with your current markets ? Want access to new ones?<

The BC Broker Group is a group of smaller type insurance brokerage offices that are not part of any larger conglomerate insurance organization. We are seeking independent brokerage offices that want to join our group.


Goals and Objectives

The key strategy is the growth and profitability of our members
in consultation with our insurer partners in a confidential environment.

Additional objectives include:

  • To work collaboratively to bring new ideas and initiatives to the table.
  • To develop strong relationships among individual members
  • To compliment the IBABC in their goals and objectives.
  • To provide broker members with solutions for ALL  their insurance needs. 


Some initial questions you may have:


Q. What are the benefits to our insurer partners? 

A. Protect the existing book of  Insurers  through succession planing within the broker framework (instead of selling out to direct writers).  Work together with our insurer partners to streamline the insurance process and find new and innovative ideas to enhance the customer service experience of buying insurance. 

We are also interested in the purchase and acquisition of insurance brokerages in BC giving our key staff the opportunity to become a partner.   

Q. Is it simply a pooling of premiums to satisfy minimum volume requirements of companies?

A. Pooling of premiums can be a benefit but can have an adverse effect with a shock loss or catastrophic event(s) in a particular area. Furthermore, with direct writers aggressively buying out smaller brokers, we are finding many insurers not even asking for volume requirements anymore in order to protect their existing book with existing brokers. 


Q. What are the benefits to our independent broker members of the group ?


A. Working with our insurer partners to ensure Insurer profitability and growth for all members. Protect existing books of business from direct writers. Find new and innovative ways of giving our clients the best customer service experience. Open discussion with issues affecting a particular broker and our industry as a whole. Banding together to promote, maintain and make real change to the independent insurance broker channel. 


Q Is there an AGM, or other regular meetings with the members of the group?

A. Yes, the AGM has taken place privately each year at the annual IBABC conference. Monthly meetings are always held.  Only members of the group can attend. 


Q. Is there an active recruiting process happening to increase the size of the group?

A. Absolutely. We are committed to finding similar brokers committed to long term growth And NOT interested in selling to the Direct writers.  We are actively speaking To other owners and are close in adding new members.


If interested, please email    for further information. 



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