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Get prepared

May 4 to 10 is National Emergency Preparedness Week

It happens every year.

Somewhere in B.C., people are evacuated from their homes because of a forest fire, flood, mudslide or other disaster. Brokers can be a source of information such as:

  • How to evacuate quickly and efficiently by having a plan,
  • How orders by civil authorities affect insurance coverage,
  • How to make the claims process easier by having key documents backed up and safely stored, and by having a household inventory,
  • Which losses are insured, which uninsurable losses are compensable under provincial disaster compensation programs, and how to start the claims process.

There is no better time to have that conversation with insurance brokers than Emergency Preparedness Week, May 4 to 10. This national event is coordinated by Public Safety Canada in collaboration with its provincial partners.

For a list of resources, click here.