Writing the Exam Outside Metro Vancouver


  • IBABC is pleased to offer online Fundamentals of Insurance examinations throughout B.C., giving you immediate marks.
  • Your exams must occur on a weekday, Monday - Friday (excluding statutory holidays), between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM.
  • You must choose your own exam location, date and time. And you must nominate your own exam proctor by asking him or her to fill in a Proctor Nomination Form and send it to IBABC for approval.
  • Proctor codes will NOT be send to @gmail, @hotmail, etc. email addresses. Email addresses provided for proctors must contain the following:
    • His or her first initial or complete first name
    • His or her last name
    • The name of his or her place of employment.
  • You'll be directed to the registration process through the link, below. Once you're approved and receive email confirmation that your payment has been processed, your exam date and time will be activated.
  • You'll then receive an examination candidate code by email. You must take this code to the exam to be able to login and write it.
  • Cost for the exam is $195.

**Please note, you have 1 year from date of registration to take your exam. Exam payments are only valid for 1 year and non-refundable past 6 months of purchase. If more than 1 year passes, and you'd still like to write the exam, another payment of $195 must be made.**

Eligible Proctors Eligible Locations

Level 3 General Insurance Licensees

Insurance brokerage offices (outside Metro Vancouver only)

Education professionals currently employed with an accredited university or college

Educational institutions (accredited colleges and/or universities)

Government Administrator

Government locations (Service Canada, BC Services offices, government exam centers)

To register (ONLINE EXAM):

STEP 1: Have your nominated proctor fill in and send the Proctor Nomination Form to IBABC at least 3 business days before your chosen exam dates. Approvals will not be processed if we've been given less than three business day's notice. This gives IBABC and Captus Press enough time to verify your proctor's information and process payment.

  STEP 2: Register online via the Online Registration Site (Captus).

Note: Your exam application will NOT be approved until both Steps 1 and 2 are properly completed. Due to high processing volumes, IBABC is NOT responsible for improper registrations, and will NOT notify you about any registration errors or correct them for you. If you send us an incomplete or incorrect form it will be rejected, and you will be expected to re-submit the form with full and proper information. You MUST submit the proctor from and online Captus registration at least 3 business days' before your exam. No exceptions.


  • If you're unable to arrange a proctor for an online Fundamentals exam, have a fee credit with IBABC for a previously-paid exam, or do not have access to a computer, you may write a paper version of the exam on one of the dates listed below.
  • IBABC requires your completed registration form and full payment of $195 by the corresponding registration deadline. No exceptions.
  • We'll make all necessary arrangements for the time and location, but please feel free to make suggestions.
  • You'll be sent a confirmation notice one week prior to your exam date, which will confirm the location and start time.
  • Please allow up to two weeks to receive your exam score.

Paper Exam Dates for Outside Metro Vancouver:

Exam Year Exam Date Registration & Withdrawal Deadline
2018 May 2 April 6
2018 September 19 August 17
2018 December 5 November 9

Cancellation Policy

After the registration deadline, exam fees are non-refundable.

Information and Registration

To Register for a PAPER EXAM:

You can download the Fundamentals of Insurance Exam Registration Form [PDF], and mail or fax it to us with your credit card payment.

You'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view registration forms in PDF file format. Click here for a free download.


Contact Gina Taylor about Fundamentals of Insurance at or click here.